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Woohoo! Team thisABILITY finishes the 2018 USARA National Championships in 16th place:)

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Wow. What an amazing event. Dense fog added some adventure to the first paddle section resulting in sub 30 meter visibility. Teams had to stay on their game to avoid paddling in circles. Navigationally, this race had the most complicated puzzles Chip has ever had to solve but of course, he welcomes the challenge. The course had hundreds of route options so strategy was key. There were 3 creative and tricky orienteering sections that we had to sort out on the fly. The terrain was surprisingly steep so it took a lot more effort to get around than we expected.

Our team performed well and landed 16th place in the elite (3 person co-ed) division and we were the only team with two women. #Girlpower We are very happy with our performance, race results and a truly once in a lifetime experience.

We have some cool photos and video on our Team thisABILITY Racing Facebook Page.

Thanks USARA for holding the event and Race Director Brian Holzhausen for an epic course design.



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