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2022 Past Races and Results
Adrenaline Rush Winner.jpg
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3/19- 3/20/2022

Ferry Stone State Park, VA

24 Hours

1st Place Solo Male, 6th Overall

EXP Africa Lesotho Logo.png

Lesotho, Africa

6 days

2/24/22 to 2/27/22 

18th Coed 3/4 Person,

20th Overall

Prerace Interview

Video Series Promo

Lesotho Finish.jpg
Longest Day.jpg

2/14/22 - 2/15/22

Catskill Mtns, New York

24 Hours

4th Place 3/4 Coed, 5th Overall


Cartersville, GA

24 Hours

9/17/22 to 9/24/22 

Chip - 5th Male, 6th overall

Andrea - 3rd Female, 14th overall

Race Ramble Video

usara finish.jpg

Mammoth, California

30 Hours

9/20/22 to 9/21/22 

Brent Russell - Team Captain

Mary Foster

Matt Wilson

1th Coed 3/4 Person,

15th Overall

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